Day 10 - Configuring your local site for Development

General Instructions for any Exercise Card

  • Pick the Activity Card you wish to work on, and Download the PDF card
  • Spend some time reading through or watching the Primary Tutorial
  • Implement the exercise
  • Use Hints/Debug/Solution/Additional Resources provided on some of the cards
  • Discuss in comments should you have any queries


  • Over the earlier tutorials, you would have noticed that Drupal would not always listen to your code changes although you had turned off caching. Looks like in D8, there is more that you would have to do to your D8 site to turn off caching completely, than just turning it off on the performance settings page.

    In this session, we will learn about:

    • Setting up your settings.local.php

    • Null Cache Service

    • Disabling Twig Cache

    • rebuild.php
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