Welcome to D8 Activity Cards

If you are new to Drupal 8, especially with a prior experience of D7 and looking for resources to get you started, you are at the right place. 

"D8 Activity Cards" are a bunch of exercise cards designed to cover most of the topics that you would need to be familiar with to take up any Drupal 8 project as you transition from D7.

These cards work best for small study groups, although you could use them for individual practice as well.

Sample Card

Each card contains the following sections:

  • Primary Tutorial: A tutorial or a blog post or a video, that covers the topic discussed in the card. Most of the times, care is taken that the tutorial has all information needed to get started with the exercise.
  • Exercise:  A carefully crafted exercise, which covers the topic discussed on the current card, and sometimes touches items from earlier cards.  Although such dependencies are rare and used only when unavoidable such that you could pick random cards that interest you without having to do the exercises in the prescribed order. 
  • Additional Resources: Some more tutorials or references that could help you with completing the exercise.
  • Bonus Exercise: You could try this if the exercise on the day's card looked very small to you.
  • Debug / Hints / Solution: Available on some cards, to help you complete the exercise.

All the very best in your Drupal 8 Learning. 

The cards were built by someone who had just started learning D8, and not a pro. So they are prone to inconsistencies or errors. Do add your comments on suggestions on the Card page so they could be rectified. 

Tanay Sai